Outdoor Education Program Ideas

Let experience work for you

ORE founder Roddy McCalley has over 15 years experience as an outdoor educator with excellent organizations including The Web of Life Field School, The Boojum Institute for Experiential Education, The Chadwick School and The Athenian School.  Let him help your school or youth group begin a great tradition!

Program Ideas:

Orientation Trips

Middle school and high school students are growing incredibly fast, both intellectually and socially.  Getting out of the classroom together helps them see each other and their world with new eyes.  Orientation trips, which can include any combination of team building, adventure programming, and environmental education curriculum, will improve their interest in learning and their acceptance of each other.  Design an Orientation Trip for the month of September or October!  

Adventure Retreat Trips 

Towards the end of the school year, it can be good to give students a break from testing and stress.  Outdoor adventures and focused team-building can be a refreshing experience that sends everyone back to school with renewed interest in learning and increased interest in the school community.  Design an Adventure Retreat Trip and make it a school tradition in the month of April, May or June!  

Environmental Education and Hands-on Science

Elementary school students are sponges for knowledge!  Hands-on environmental education and science programming is perfect for this age group.  Use your local natural environment as an extension of your classroom.  State science standards can be met on outdoor programs.  Students can have real-world, hands-on experiences that will enrich their understanding of what they learn in the classroom.  

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