Outdoor Recreation education
& California Mountain Adventures

ORE/CMA founder Roddy McCalley grew up in the suburbs, with frequent trips to the mountains.  After college, he began leading outdoor adventure trips for school groups and living almost entirely in the outdoors.  He found these trips to be transformative for himself and for many of his students.  The natural world is a source of inspiration and healing.  Wouldn't it be great if everyone could tap into this endless source of inspiration and good health?  Let's make it happen!

We're starting small.  One trip at a time, we'll introduce you to the same trails and peaks that inspire us.  Every trip we run will generate well-paid employment for expert guides who love the wilderness.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, so any 'profits' that your trip generates (net proceeds) will go towards programming for youth, which is the work that founder Roddy McCalley first fell in love with after graduating from college back in 2000.  There are many great programs that get youth outdoors, but there are still many schools and families that don't have access to those programs.  Let's change that!  Come experience the mountains of California, and support outdoor programming for youth and school groups!